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David Robertson Sales Results
He sold over $1.3 Million Dollars in his last 12 months

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Testimonial from Gina O.

Testimonial from Cory Quinn

Melissa Freeman's learning experience selling on Amazon. Her honest opinion and her own experience.

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Testimonial from Diane Winkler

Vielka Frias's learning experience selling on Amazon. Her honest opinion from her own experience.

Honest Opinion from Sonia Nya Crea's learning experience

Testimonial from Bo Cui

Testimony from Ashton Webster

Jeremy will be making profit of $20K in few months 

Jeremy Turrey Testimony in April, 2020

Jeremy Turrey Testimony in June 2020

Jeremy Turrey Sales Result in January 2021, $44,280 in January
His profit is 46% from his sales. 

Jeremy Turrey Sales Result in February 17th, 2021
Jeremy sold $14,580 in one single day

Cory Quinn Sales Results on January 2021

Shameem Ahmed Sales Results

Review by Damian Hoffman

Testimonial from Jordan after his own experience 

Testimonial from Steve Cloward

Review from Carolyn Denesha

Carolyn Denesha exceeded over $100K annual sales

I have met my student Carolyn Denesha in NYC

Cheol Ho Lim exceeded over $44K after 6 months

Jong-hyeon Han Sales almost $22K within few months 

Youn Kyung Lee Sales over $26,000 within few months

Testimonial from Jared Bell

Testimonial from Simone DeMont

Testimonial from Jayson Leung

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